Is Your Business Image Right?

November 19, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Are you using photographs taken on a mobile phone or tablet, to promote your business or event, well I suggest you think about the future?

Have you tweeted blurry/dark/hard-to-make-out-whoever-it-is, pictures of your conference or event, the same event you've spent 6 months or more planning and shelled out thousands of pounds for? You probably want to promote that same event for the following year?

While you're here, have you recently had a good look at the images on your website, or better still, have you had a skilled PR representative, critique the images?

Chances are, you may be missing a trick. By advertising with either poor quality, or rather generic images, available from any old picture library, your customers may well be put off at first look.

Quality, personalized images on your website, of your company, your people and your products, that's really want people want to see.

Think about hiring a professional photographer, to ensure you are recording your business or event, in the best possible light. It's an investment for the future.



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