Natural Images for Creative Thinkers

March 25, 2014  •  2 Comments

What's a picture worth? For me, it's all about looking down the viewfinder and thinking, is there a story to tell here, am I looking at something amazing that I'd like to show the world? Questions of, will the viewer smile, laugh or cry, will it give them that warm fuzzy feeling I had inside when framing the picture. Emotion is the trigger that tells you when you see something special, how great life can be, how interesting a moment is that needs to be captured, or forgotten as the moment passes. A little deep I know but people need to realise that a quality photo, can really hit home, it will be remembered and thought about again and again. Image is everything, in business, at home, in life. Take a GOOD look though my website, and think, could my business, or life, be improved with great pictures? B.


Great pics!
Beautiful natural forms - very inspirational photography! There's something about the light....
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